Lynne MacLachlan necklace


We are excited that we will be returning to our lovely venue at the Dovecot Studios on Infirmary Street for our Dazzle this year. It will be our 10th year at this venue, in this, our 40th year.  We are aware that all plans are subject to Government guidelines and we will be able to provide more detail as time goes on, but hopefully we will go ahead in a less limited way than we managed last year. We have our usual lineup of stunning designers plus printmaker Anya Percival and this year, a special celebration of our 40 Years of Dazzle Exhibitions.

Image Lynne MacLachlan necklace photo by Susan Castillo

Captured Light


Anya Percival

Anja Percival lives and works in Durham, a city she returned to after a five year period working in Denmark. Anja  specialises in hand drawn copperplate etching.She is fascinated by the different atmospheres that light creates in our environment. Her subject matter is usually quite domestic and everyday but her attention is captured by the effect of the light transforming the spaces and changing the unremarkable to the remarkable. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally with outlets including London, New York, Denmark, Sweden and Canada.

Image Captured Light by Anya Percival

Hilary Grant scarf

Hilary Grant Scarves

Hilary Grant and Rob Harvey are a partnership based on the Northerly Scottish islands of Orkney. They run a textile design studio specialising in knitted pattern. All their textiles are made from luxury grade, cruelty-free 100% lambswool, knitted in the Scottish Borders and hand finished by traditional methods.



Contempoarary studio jewellery made from enamel, anodised aluminium, sterling silver and 24ct gold detail.


Edinburgh-based designer/maker, Karolina Baines views jewellery as sculptures that move with the wearer, Karolina seeks to create engaging visual and tactile experiences that instil deep personal connections, with a deft use of texture, colour and linework.


Kate Bajic creates handcrafted nature inspired jewellery as limited edition collections, one off pieces or by commission. Inspired by the intricate textures and structures found in lichen, Kate translates aspects of these botanical forms into stylish and elegant, wearable, contemporary jewellery. Kate works mainly in sterling silver and gold, introducing colour into her work through the use of gemstones as well as creating one off art jewellery using hand cut steel, oxidising, patination and acrylic paints.


Evgeniia Balashova explores repetition, movement and manipulation of shape and form in her statement jewellery. She combines strict geometry with soft flowing curves to create unique, vibrant and energetic pieces. 


Rosina finds beauty and colour in unusual functional industrial materials and components. In her Luna collection she combines Sterling Silver with Anodised Architectural Aluminium to create unique statement pieces of contemporary jewellery.


Sheffield. Silver with 18 and23.5 carat golds. Inthe collection of the Cohn Foundation, USA. Work bought by Will Young, James Nesbitt and Michael Stipe.

Outlets include Kath Libbert - Bradford, @ work and Gill Wing - London,  The Craft Centre and Design Gallery - Leeds, Bluecoat Display Centre - Liverpool, The Biscuit Factory - Newcastle, Ruthin Craft Centre - Wales, Number Five - Cuper.


My name is Rachel Brown and I am a Yorkshire based jeweller specialising in contemporary enamel and graphite drawn jewellery. I use mainly silver and copper with the addition of gold or brass as colour highlights.

British Society of Enamellers member


Handmade jewellery inspired by landscapes of deep silences, rough textures, fragmented hoarse and soft sounds. Wild landscape and raw natural beauty, transmuted into uniqueness of each piece. Made from sterling silver and 18-carat gold.


 Award winning jeweller Emma Calvert creates bold textile pieces by fusing traditional techniques with sculptural forms and contemporary colours.


Contemporary jewellery lovingly French knitted and crocheted by hand. Suzanne Claire is a Manchester based jeweller. Outlets include Gill Wing, London, New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, Ruthin Craft Centre, Denbighshire, SH Jewellery, Edinburgh, MCDC, Manchester and Victoria Sewart, Plymouth

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